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it's rude to behave like a parrot in the zoo, rather than someone with humanity isn't it?  *bangs head against wall*  BLACK BOOK OF GILT [ED LETTERS]  GLITTER AWAY GOLD DIGGERS

Jehova also say: do not oblige anyone to being a jehova witness. the parents who really understood this principle ask their son/daughter if they really wanna remain in that religion b4 they baptize and disassociate. they ask you at the age of 13/14 so if someone oblige their son/daughter to being a jehova witness, to preach, to pray, and to follow jehova's rules, well, that's wrong, Jehova also said this 

This is in some way kinda accurate but I think it makes the religion look really bad when it's not. I understand the point you're trying to put through and I can relate to it a bit myself. But when you are in this religion at a young age you learn to follow under your parent and as you get older your parents start to reveal whether you want to stay in this religion or not (especially at 14). BUT THIS RELIGION ISNT BAD OR A CULT

tbh its actually really wholesome. They teach you things every kid should really know, like how not to associate with bad people (people who give off a really bad influence) this could help kids stay out of a really bad lifestyle. yes, it is kinda pressuring and forceful but at a young age, it can teach really good lessons not just for kids but adults, married couples, etc. But was going through the same thing this kid was and the best thing to do is leave even if it disappoints the parent you shouldn't have to make them happy to be happy yourself. and if you couldn't already tell I used to be a witness as well. this religion has its cons and pros but doesn't all-region do.

thank you man, im stuck in this too.

This is so accurate.

I'm 17 years old now. I was raised a jw. I loved it. But there was always a feeling of being trapped that this game portrays. It's almost been two years since I was disfellowshipped and this just brings back awful memories.

I dropped out of school to homeschool in 7th grade because I cared too much about my friends, and I had to care about Jehovah more. I was so lonely. My family supported me and my friends demonized me (as they should have. it is all in the past now, though.)

My older brother was also shunned. I had the exact same feelings that this game shows.

Just glad to see something that can finally explain what we all went through.

Also, the Bible never said that Jehovah hates competitive sports. Also we're allowed to go on field trips, the Bible just means that you can't be best friends with people who commit crimes and do drugs, etc. 

Here's something a wise brother told my mother once. If we're wrong, so what? We get nice lives, stay out of drugs and of harm, and are happy. If we're right, then we get eternal life on a beautiful earth! My uncle died a few years ago because of lung cancer, he did not serve Jehovah. He smoked every day, even in the hospital. My father doesn't smoke or drink, and he's really healthy at 61! And he is the eldest child. If you saw him before he was a witness you'd think he was a hobo lol.

People might not think that it changes people's lives for the better, but it really, really does. In fact, once I'm a pediatrician (my parents approve) I will go preaching every weekend and spread the good news.

I'm a 14 year old Jehovah's Witness and this game isn't really that accurate lol. I like preaching and this doesn't really sum it up, but I like the effort you put into making this game! My brother likes coding, too, and he tries to makes games with Java! And I love my life, it is not bleak at all! 


There is a kingdom hall in my town and everytime I go past it I feel dirty. Maybe because I'm catholic? Maybe because I might not be straight? No, it's because they are scumbags and I'm glad my dad got them away from my home because he works with them for confrices and that. This is what I hate about religion, the most catholic or christen people I know admit that God and the afterlife may not exist. This game encompeses what I hate about religon, discrimination, no understanding or ANYTHING RESEMBLING COMMON SENSE IN THE MOST DEVOTE OF THEM!!! I do like this game a lot though, you did good.

I don't know what a confrices is, but the way you express yourself only diminishes the validity of your point of view. You talk about discrimination, yet it is you who hate something you don't even know.  Also , a true Christian would never admit that God does not exist. They're just contradicting themselves. 


Great job. I'm also an ex-jw and gay, so this was sort of surreal for me to play.  


I feel very bad for people that had to experience things like this. There are way to many over simplifications. Concerning masturbation, what mainstream Christian religious truly tolerates that? As for your brother being disfellowshiped, that's on you and your parents for shunning him completely. You should've helped him instead of ignore him. No one controls your actions. I know adult children who live with their JW parents. I see putter1 commented that his parents don't even know their grandchildren. While I feel bad for them, that's on the parents, not on Jehovah's witnesses. Again, I know plenty of grandparents that bring their grandchildren from their disfellowshiped children to the Kingdom Hall. It's too bad that they assume because their experiences are bad, everyone goes through the same thing. If the man who quits his high paying job to preach more wants to do that and that's what makes him happy, then whats it to you. One of the most blatant inaccuracies in the game was the dad telling you that you can have the nicer house after Armageddon. That just shows what kind of personality the creators father had. Not a humble man at all. I hope that those of you who don't know Jehovah's witnesses don't base your opinions of them on this game. This game distorts the truth about Jehovah's witnesses and misses a lot of key points about them.


Bless you for creating this game. What a simplistic and yet effective way of showing the bullshit we went through in this cult. I almost shed a tear at the end. 

cult? it wasn't a cult. if you think about it wouldn't you go through something similar in most religion 


I also created an account just to respond to this. I was raised JH, got kicked out for basically being a kid and not being sorry about it. I also went through the tribunal to get kicked out. Nothing like making your entire community cry and then having all of them not talk to you at the age of 13. Now my parents won't talk to me. They didn't come to my wedding and haven't met my kids. I usually brush all of it off because I have zero regrets about my choices, but this is a painful reminder of just how bad it was/is. It's a painful reminder, but one I think is healthy to think about. Thanks for taking the time to create this and share with other people this experience. 

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Stockholm Syndrome doesn't appear to be an issue for you, does it Misha? The game and the laughs will surely raise your profile & status among your new(?) friends too. Throwing your former JW religion and community under the bus is a sure fire tried and true formula for crowd pleasing - that's for sure. Now that you're out, soak up as much of what life has to offer as possible. Wouldn't want you to be short changed. Life's a lark, man, enjoy it while you can. I mean, what could go wrong? 

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Read back over what you've typed there...  enjoy it while it lasts... that the holy spirit running through you?

This game is very accurate. If you're trying to use fear mongering against the creator over some sort of Armageddon, you're late, and it won't work.


created an account because of this,  half my dads side of the family is JW, i feel a lot of this because i never got to spend a lot of time with that part of the family. my dad actually kept a JW bible at home too so we could ward off people at the door. my aunt died because of a blood transfusion too and it was a big deal at the time because half of that side of the family was really upset she wouldn't get the transfusion. i also had a couple friends in middle school that were JW, they really liked me because i understood their own limitations because of their faith and i never judged or treated him like freaks because of it. this game, though small and very simple, is a good reflection of how i viewed their faith.

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I played your game to the end and appreciate the time you put into it. While I'm not JW,  what you've created really conveys the arbitrary limitations and frustrations of this cultish religion quite well. I do hope you continue to make games, as I'm sure it could be an excellent career to help better yourself with.
Edit:: Misread your AMA and thought you were a teenager. my bad. :P


Born and raised JW here, and I left when I was 17. Played your whole game through, and I liked it. Thank you. :)


Thank you for playing and sharing your thoughts :)